Son of Ithaca is a single player mod for Half-life 2 that brings the excitement of a hack-and-slash 3d platform game to a classic Greek setting. The gameplay in Son of Ithaca revolves around simple, fast, visually interesting action. Unlike other games which have a few pre-calculated combos that the character can execute in sequence, Son of Ithaca uses a flexible chain system allowing moves to flow together seamlessly, offering almost endless possibilities.

Steam Warfare is a class-based team deathmatch experience with an emphasis on teamwork and a steam-punk twist. Classes with complimentary abilities allow a player to play to their strengths and favorite play style. Resources add a level of strategy to the map – collect them to build a superweapon and fortify your base, while denying them from your opponents. Each match ends when a team destroys their enemy’s base, either by building a super weapon through resource collection or by traveling into the depths of their enemy’s base and destroying it from within.

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