Factory XII

Factory XII is a deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 2004 designed for 4-10 players. I worked solo on this level using only existing assets from Unreal Tournament 2004 over a period of two weeks. The level incorporates BSP modeling, static mesh placement, custom particle effects, skybox, and ambient sound placement.

This is a close-up of a non-gameplay space that can be seen through windows in the second room. While players may not stop and admire details like this while in the middle of a heated deathmatch, they do see it frequently in the background while fighting. Subconsciously, the player recongizes the area and, combined with the ambient sound, registers the space as more open and believable.
Download Factory XII for Unreal Tournament 2004 (0.59 MB)
Copyright 2007 Zach Francks and the Guildhall at SMU. All rights reserved.