Lock's Quest

Lock's Quest is my first shipped title and my first game at 5th Cell. As the first designer hired specifically for the project, I became responsible for a variety of tasks throughout the project from map design to environmental art to scripting cut scenes. There are few areas in this game that I did not touch in some way, so I can see my love of this game in every screenshot.

Here the power of a well-constructed line of defense is displayed. Traps are possibly the most important tool in Lock's Quest, offering powerful status effects and an extra layer of defense for your walls.

Incidentally, during development, this battle was called "The Battle of Thermopylae." The theme I wanted to employ here was a constant, relentless onslaught of enemies, gradually driving the player back further and further. The player's walls getting destroyed every day came later, but I think the original feel still remains.
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