Lock's Quest

Lock's Quest is my first shipped title and my first game at 5th Cell. As the first designer hired specifically for the project, I became responsible for a variety of tasks throughout the project from map design to environmental art to scripting cut scenes. There are few areas in this game that I did not touch in some way, so I can see my love of this game in every screenshot.

Here Lock executes a Super Move. These all work roughly the same way – as Lock deals damage, takes damage, and successfully completes micro-games by attacking or repairing, the C-shaped meter to the left of his health bar fills up. When the button in the center is tapped, Lock executes a super move that becomes more effective the more the player taps the button at the bottom of the screen.

The move displayed here, Lightning, hits all enemies on the map for damage, and does extra damage to enemies on the screen. The more the player taps, the more damage dealt. The interesting thing about this is that the player can pan the camera anywhere in the map and use this ability as a ranged nuke. This is extremely effective when Lock must go out and fight enemies by himself to seriously weaken them.before he goes in. In general, despite being the first Super move, Lightning is the best move in the game.
Copyright 2007 Zach Francks and the Guildhall at SMU. All rights reserved.