Lock's Quest

Lock's Quest is my first shipped title and my first game at 5th Cell. As the first designer hired specifically for the project, I became responsible for a variety of tasks throughout the project from map design to environmental art to scripting cut scenes. There are few areas in this game that I did not touch in some way, so I can see my love of this game in every screenshot.

The inside of the Archineer Hall. When I designed the Archineer Hall, I wanted it to feel huge (and in fact, it was bigger than many maps). I wanted to give it a monastery-like feel with the open courtyard and vegetation. The source well in the center used to be a regular source well, but it was replaced by the fountain seen here. This ended up playing a large role in the story.

Interestingly, the girl with the short blonde hair seen here was one of the Archineers recolored to be more racially diverse.
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