Lock's Quest

Lock's Quest is my first shipped title and my first game at 5th Cell. As the first designer hired specifically for the project, I became responsible for a variety of tasks throughout the project from map design to environmental art to scripting cut scenes. There are few areas in this game that I did not touch in some way, so I can see my love of this game in every screenshot.

Lock executes his final Super Move, "Money Drop," or as it was referred to during development, "Casino." Every time the player taps the button, every enemy in the area spawns a source flame pickup that floats toward the player. This ability can be extremely helpful in later missions if the player fires it right by a huge army of soldiers. Somehow dollar signs mean source flames. If you don't need to spend your supers on repairing or attacking, this is the way to go.
Copyright 2007 Zach Francks and the Guildhall at SMU. All rights reserved.